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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Photography Equipment and Keeping it in Top Shape

You have invested a lot of money in your equipment as a Photographer or Content Creator. It is important to keep your photography/video equipment well-maintained to ensure that it lasts for a long time, and also ensures that the quality of your photographs remains high. Here are some tips to

NVIDIA’s Live Streaming Software Can Simulate Eye Contact Digitally

NVIDIA has developed a new software that can digitally fake eye contact. The software, called RTX Broadcast Engine, uses AI and facial recognition to track the user’s face and then digitally adjust the video feed to make it appear as if the user is making eye contact with the other

New Firmware Update for Canon EOS R6 and R5

Canon has launched a new firmware update for the EOS R6 and R5 – a small but essential upgrade. Firmware update for the Canon EOS R6. This firmware includes the following fixes. Corrected the phenomenon that, on rare occasions, the camera would not operate normally while shooting a small subject.

Introducing the Rode VideoMicro II Ultra-compact Microphone

The VideoMicro II is a professional-quality microphone that will instantly elevate the audio of your camera or smartphone. Ultra-compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, it is perfect for run-and-gun filmmaking, content creation, or if you simply want to record better audio for your videos.

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