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An Introduction to Photography by Karl Taylor Education

This introductory course walks through multiple concepts in photography. You’ll learn about how cameras work, composition, focal length, and aperture. Everything you need to improve ‘photographer’ confidence and build on your creative knowledge is included! If you choose to take the course, you don’t need to sign up for an

The 8C’s Of Becoming A Successful Youtuber In 2022

In this video, documentary filmmaker and voiceover artist, Osei Kwame, explains the 8C’s that will guide you to grow and sustain your youtube channel so that you can become a successful YouTuber.The 8C’s are Courage, Conditioning, Commit, Consume, Copy, Collaboration, Change, and Consistency.

Adobe Launches Creative Cloud Express For Entry-Level Creatives

Adobe Spark is now Creative Cloud Express, a new platform designed for those who have never used Adobe Apps before. Creative Cloud (CC) Express is designed to make it fast and easy to turn an idea into creative content using a mix of web and mobile apps.

Nikon Announces New Flagship, the Z9: 45.7MP, 120FPS, and 8K

Nikon is proud to announce the first flagship model for the mirrorless Z mount, Z9. Bringing together the most exceptional groundbreaking technologies, the Z 9 delivers the best still and video performance in Nikon’s history. Highlighting Nikon’s commitment to the professionals behind the lens, the Z 9 is designed to help you create

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