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Canon PowerShot V10: A Compact and Intuitive Vlogging Camera

Canon has introduced the PowerShot V series, a camera lineup specifically targeted towards vloggers. The first camera in this new series is the PowerShot V10 Vlog Camera, which was designed with ease of use as a top priority. With this camera, users can effortlessly capture and share high-quality video while

Newly Released DJI Mavic 3 Pro Drone Features a tri-camera system

DJI, the world-renowned drone manufacturer, has recently released the latest iteration of their flagship Mavic series โ€“ the DJI Mavic 3 Pro. The Mavic 3 Pro boasts a range of impressive features that elevate its performance and capabilities to new heights.

Aputure’s Newly Released Amaran 150c and 300c Lights

Aputure has recently introduced two new LED lights, the Amaran 150c and 300c, which utilize the same RGBWW technology found in the Aputure LS 600c Pro. These innovative lights are capable of producing exceptional colour quality, and they offer an expanded bi-colour CCT range from 2,500K to 7,500K with green-magenta

DJI Inspire 3: The Ultimate 8K Camera Drone for Professional Filmmakers

DJI Inspire 3 is the latest camera drone from DJI that offers unparalleled performance, image quality, and creative freedom for professional filmmakers. It features a full-frame 8K imaging system that can capture stunning details and colors in ProRes RAW or CinemaDNG formats. It also has a dual configuration that allows

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