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The BOYA BY-DM500 is a dynamic microphone that delivers broadcast-quality sound for vocal and instrument recording, ideal for broadcasting, podcasting, dubbing, studio recording and more. The BY-DM500 features the combination of a dynamic cartridge, cardioid pick-up pattern. It delivers warm and assertive broadcast sound, and rejects the unwanted background noise for perfect recordings. With a wide (20–20,000Hz) frequency response, the BY-DM500 captures more details of vocal sound and the sound of instruments, it can deliver a rich balanced sound for users.

  • Ideal for broadcasting, podcasting and studio recording
  • Deliver professional-quality sound
  • Cardioid polar pattern – Rugged all-metal construction
  • No need for additional batteries or phantom power
  • Great for close-range vocal and instrument recording
  • Foam windscreen included


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