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Flashpoint XPLOR 600 Monolight with R2 Single Pin Transceiver


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Product details

XPLOR600 is the one monolight for all your assignments, all your challenges, backed by industry leader, Flashpoint. The flash features many settings for the pro, like FEC, rapid stroboscopic flash, first or second curtain sync, LED Modeling, upgradable firmware and new camera system compatibility, clear LCD display, plus 11 advanced options features. The optional Remote 600 and 1200ws 8 foot extension heads transform the monolight into a boom friendly powerhouse. All the popular Bowens S mount light modifiers fit directly on the monolight or extension heads. A built-in locking umbrella channel accommodates up to 8mm umbrella shafts.

One Remote to Rule Them All.

The integrated remarkable R2 Wireless Flash System is the advanced 2.4GHz radio remote that adds camera dedicated custom functions to your multi flash experience whether you are using Canon or Nikon for your photography. Easy to use buttons command a full range of functions like reliable channel triggering, group mode selectivity, HSS, with powerful signal strength and exceptional stability to your selected camera flash language. LED panels clearly display the status of all remote R2 compliant strobes so you always have control of group lighting mastery. R2 wireless communication gives speed of light response to on camera or off camera R2 family devices for a spectacular advantage on the shoot in any environment.

All the R2 enabled family communicate seamlessly: the lithium powered Zoom Li-on Canon, Nikon and soon, Sony speedlights, the Zoom AA alkaline energized speedlight, the fantastic Streaklight 360 Canon and Nikon TTL powerhouse, and this masterful 600ws XPLOR600 monolight. Older Flashpoint flashes can be fired and controlled off camera through the R2 Radio Remote Receiver FPRRR2RC to remote link seamlessly.


  • 600Ws studio quality light without wires
  • Guide Number 183 (ft) / 61 (m) ISO 100, with standard reflector
  • Built-in 2.4G R2 Radio Remote System Compatible wireless system: Fully supports the Canon, Nikon and additional systems in Flashpoint R2 remote system.
  • Integrated professional 11.1V/8700mAh lithium battery pack
  • Lithium battery packs up to 450 full power flashes
  • Dependable 0.01-2.5s recycling times
  • Operates as a dedicated Slave unit in a wireless flash groups up to 300ft.
  • Dot-matrix LCD panel with clear and concise display.
  • 1/8000s High Speed Sync that can overpower the sun
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Designed for a wide range of Bowens S mount accessories
  • Power range from full to 1/256 in 1/3 stop increments
  • Stable color temperature at 5600½200K over the entire power range
  • Focus-assist beam
  • Thermostatic Fan Cooled body
  • 10W LED Modeling Light (Adjustable)
  • Optional 600 ws and 1200 ws Remote Extension Heads
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • R2 2.4G Groups – 5: A / B / C / D / E with 32 Channels
  • Optical Groups – 3: A / B / C with 4 Channels
  • Supports Flashpoint R1 Remote Manual Trigger System
  • Canon & Nikon Optic Wireless Slave Modes
  • S1 & S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • Flash Duration – 1/220s to 1/10000s
  • 11 Optional Advanced Functions (C.Fn)
  • Auto Memory Function
  • Firmware Upgrades through Micro USB Port
  • USB Port Receiver Socket
  • PC Sync 3.5mm Sync Port
What’s in the box:
  • Flashpoint XPLOR600 600ws Monolight
  • 600ws Flashtube
  • Standard 7 ” Reflector
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • AC Battery Charger Set
  • Compartment Case
  • Flashpoint 2-Year Full USA Warranty


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