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GODOX 150x200cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Light Reflector


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Product details

  • Godox 5 in 1 collapsible reflector board is zippered slipcover to reflect light into shadow areas of the subject. Reflectors with different surfaces will control contrast, add warmth and increase specular highlights.
  • Silver increases the spectacular highlights and yields a high-contrast image. It’s perfect for video, product shots, and B&W photography. Gold produces a natural, golden fill that is great for sunsets, jewelry, and indoor portraits.
  • White produces an even, neutral-colored bounce light that works beautifully as a fill light source for both product shots and indoor/outdoor portraits.
  • A translucent surface is used to diffuse light, producing a broad light source and a soft, wraparound effect that’s perfect for outdoor portraits or whenever a softer light is needed. Black stops sun or window light and prevents unwanted shadows.
  • Two-way zipper design enables zipped double-sided to change the reflective surface at any time. Come with a protective, durable fabric bag for storing&transporing, storage only 68cm.


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