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Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit


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Product details

  • Godox AK-R1 accessories include a dome diffuser, diffuser plate, four-winged reflector, bounce card, honey comb and colour filters,Snoot 7 kits.
  • Godox AK-R1 Pocket Flash Light Accessories Kit special magnetic design helps you quickly change parts.
  • Magnetic design accessories are quick to attach and can be stacked on top of each other, if required.
  • Compatible with Godox AD200 round flash head H200R and Godox V1.
  • Note:The Package don’t include Godox H200R.Godox AK-R1 is compatible for Godox H200R.Godox H200R is Compatible for Godox AD200.You must purchase a gododx H200r before installing the Godox ak-r1 in the AD200.You cannot install Godox ak-r1 directly on the Godox AD200.

Dome Diffuser: Soft and bright light from various of directions.
Diffuser Plate: Soft & even light, more natural result.
Four-wing Reflector: Creative light effects by adjusting reflectors’ directions.
Bounce Card:Soft light effects for portrait shooting.
Honey Comb:Precise & direct light.
Color Filters:Color correction & special effects.
Snoot:Spot light, shaping light for creative shooting.
Cleaning Cloth:Clean the product
Portable Bag:Durable,portable.Convenient to store these accessories.

Packing List
1* Dome Diffuser
1* Diffuser Plate
1* Four-wing Reflector
1* Bounce Card
1* Honey Comb
6* Color Filters(2 White, 3 Orange, 1 Green)
1* Snoot
1* Balee Cleaning Cloth
1* Portable Bag


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