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Godox Knowled M200D Daylight LED Light


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Product details

Godox Knowled Features

  • Strong power to create bright light output
  • 0%-100% stepless brightness adjustment controls the brightness in subtle scenes
  • 4 dimming curves: linear, S-curve, exponential, and logarithmic
  • Bowens mount is perfectly compatible with more optical accessories
  • Various professional control methods: Bluetooth control/DMX512 remote control/2.4G wireless control
  • Super high color rendering index CR1>=96, TLC1>=97
  • 12 simulated light effects: flash, lightning, TV, broken bulb, etc
  • Two power supply methods: AC power supply (100V-240V) and V-mount battery power supply (14.8V or 26V)
  • The side with yellow battery removal button supports unilateral power supply
  • 2.4″ TFT panel, 4 buttons, 1 knob, clear UI interface

KNOWLED series offers a complete range of professional LED lighting systems to satisfy the users’ diversified and flexible creating needs, inspiring and encouraging them to unleash their full potential in creation. Adhering to the highest build quality, the M200D is ready to bring you more surprises in video production, indie filmmaking, YouTubing, and more.


New definition of performance Knowled series lamps delivers brightness far beyond their competitors, generating the highest brightness among 200W and 300W LED units. With the addition of a Godox Fresnel lens (available separately), Godox Knowled lamps achieve up to 170,000 lux and will perform well in even the most demanding lighting setups.

Flexible system

The M200 lights are compatible with Bowens mount modifiers as well as Godox advanced light shaping devices such as FLS Fresnel lenses and VSA optical spotlights, providing a truly versatile system for creative creation. The Godox Light APP will help you smoothly control the entire system.

Color accuracy

Lights meet the highest standards of color accuracy, rendering pleasing skin tones and vivid colors in any setting creating the cinematic experience you’ve been dreaming of. CRI 96+ TLCI 97+.


Integrating ergonomic design and robust build quality into the all-in-one control box, which can be held securely and conveniently by the included clamp (LSA-19 & LSA-03), the M200D and M300D will be the workhorse ready for any shooting scenario.


The lights can be controlled both with a controller and remotely using DMX, the Godox Light App or the RC-A6 remote control (available separately). The M200 features four optional brightness adjustment curves to help effectively render the best lighting effect. Several special FX effects are also available to users.

Silent cooling

An efficient cooling system provides a rapid heat dissipation process that is also extremely quiet, making the lamps ideal for lighting interviews, dialogues or streaming.

Power supply

The M200 is perfect for long shooting sessions in the studio using mains power, and thanks to its ability to be powered by V-Mount batteries, it is also suitable for work outdoors where there is no access to electricity.

In package:

  • Godox M200D,
  • controller,
  • reflector,
  • controller clamp,
  • connecting cord,
  • fixed rope,
  • lamp cover,
  • power cord,
  • portable bag,
  • original packaging.


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