Product Details


Product details

  • Godox new LED lights VL series are a lightweight and compact light source, with three versions in different power consumption for choice: VL300, VL200 and VL150. With high performance and accurate color rendition, VL Series are ideal light source for newborn photography, still life photography, portrait, and studio lighting: interview lighting, video recording and filming.
  • Strong Power Output & Accurate Color Rendition: Rendition with CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 95 respectively. Rendition with CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 95 respectively. Stepless Dimming from 100% down to 0%
  • Optional Power supply: Power supplied by DC power or V mount lithium battery. With two high-capacity V-Mount, the VL series can produce their maximum output without the heavy cord system, allowing users to power anywhere and travel light.
  • Remote Control and Mobile APP Support: The VL lights come with a standard remote control, able to control the lights within 6 groups and 16 channels wirelessly at 433MHz.The downloadable Godo Photo app is compatible with iPhone or Android smartphones or tablets while operating the VL Series via Bluetooth.
  • Separate Controller and Adapter from the light body: Though VL Series have high power output (150W, 200W & 300W), the VL Series introduces new design which maintains them very compact and lightweight aircraft bodies. VL150 weighs just 1.97kg and even the VL300 weighs 2.64kg. With a separate controller, users will be able to mount the light in any position and which has a crystal-clear LCD panel.


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