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Manfrotto Gimbal 460 Kit

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Product details

Professional 3 Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbals designed for CSC & DSLR cameras with function buttons and LCD touch screen to switch the gimbal working mode and control the rotation and parameters with one hand.

• Looking for a versatile device for different applications with various modes, like portrait, 360 Degree, timelapse, selfie, inception, etc
• Looking for high quality and professional gimbal for DSLR and CSC, fast to setup, easy to carry, and compatible with all the most popular cameras in the market
• Looking for the possibility to control the gimbal remotely in order to use it as a remoted video head

Why Gimbals?
• Smoother Dynamic shooting
• Vlogging support
• Wireless Remote Control (app or remote control)
• Timelapse
• Different perspectives (ground level and overhead) combined with the GimBoom

Independent locking for each axis
The motor is equipped with a lock button design, which can be used to fix the three-axis when leveling and storage, to prevent shaking.

Quick installation without leveling
The unique quick installation system is designed with a secondary structure, compatible with the Manfrotto and the ARCA Swiss Type standard, which makes photographers able to quickly change equipment. After leveling the camera, the camera can be quickly removed and installed without leveling again.

All operations on one screen or you can control the gimbal remotely
The first one uses an LCD touch screen in the whole industry, making it easy to operate without the phone app, taking control of your gimbal, anywhere, anytime. You can set almost all parameters of gimbal and camera parameters directly through the LCD touch screen.

Lock mode: the orientation of the camera is fixed.
Pan mode: the roll and the tilt are fixed, and the camera moves to the left-right movements.
Follow mode: the roll is fixed, and the camera moves to the left-right or up-down movements.
All follow mode: the camera moves according to the user’s hand.

Control camera parameters on the touch screen
Connect the camera to the gimbal, the operation will be more convenient. You can switch the screen by sliding it left and right, and easily adjust the camera parameter settings such as ISO, W/B, and so on.

• Exposure compensation
• White Balance

The flexible gimbal is more convenient to operate, displaying the current mode status, and easily switching or selecting the function modes with one button to shoot a wonderful view.

Easy Shooting Control on the LCD touch screen: all operations on one screen.
Benefit: Without the App you can also operate the gimbal by the LCD touch screen, which can be locked to avoid accidental touches.

3 axis gimbals, each axis is equipped with locks
Benefit: Users can save time and effort; each axis is equipped with locks to make the gimbal more stable during balancing and prevent shaking

Compatible with all the popular mirrorless and DSRL cameras
Benefit: Manfrotto Gimbals can be used with various camera models

Different modes: Portrait, selfie mode, action mode, time-lapse, 360 Degree
Benefit: Manfrotto Gimbals meet all the requirements for professional shooting

Quick install without leveling
Benefit: The unique quick installation system, compatible with the Manfrotto and the Arca Swiss, is perfect for photographers who want to quickly change equipment.

Manfrotto Gimbal 460 Features

  • Max payload is up to 4.6 kg
  • Easily work with popular DSLR and cinema cameras
  • Quick-release plate design for the camera to get real quick setup in one second
  • Three-axis motor-locking design to get a convenient balance and storage
  • Touch panel operation to directly set up parameters and change mode
  • Just touch one icon and you will directly enter Timelapse, Vlog selfie, TikTok vertical shoot, and got more popular shooting mode
  • Supply USB Cable control/Wireless control way to take picture/recording/timelapse


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