Product Details


Product details

  • Newest Innovative Touch Screen】 Get rid of complicated Buttons! All of the functions are at your fingertips. Short press to turn on and off the screen touch function. Its touchscreen allows you to zoom your image freely with a pinch gesture and access the menu settings conveniently.
  • 【Custom 3D LUT Support】 The LUT loading function makes the color calibration easier and more intuitive, helps you optimize the work-flow efficiently. You can upload 3D LUT cube to F6 Plus via SD card.
  • 【Ideal Camera Partner】 Efficient DC output design. With a dummy battery(Optional), it can power your DSLR or mirrorless camera at any time, extend the run-time of your camera, while provide a more usable display. 【Convenient Mounting – Tilt Arm】 Allows F6 Plus monitor to rotate 360°for viewing, Includes a shoe mount of its own for accessories like a microphone, LED light, or wireless receiver, etc
  • 【Flexible Dual-purpose Battery Plate】 Built-in two-in-one battery plate, compatible with Sony F Series and Canon LP-E6 batteries, providing long-time working condition. You don’t need to buy battery plates separately.
  • 【Package Include】1× F6 Plus Monitor, 1× Micro HDMI Cable, 1× Sunshade, 1× Tilt Arm, 1× Manual【Note: battery not include】.【One year warranty】We are always do do our best to improve our product and better services, just feel free to contact us.
  • F6 Plus Is FEELWORLD Newest Improve User Experience Design

6 inch small touch screen fast the setting, and with 3D LUT, lightweight design ideal both for gimbal and camera setups, full HD 1920X1080 resolution, with Rec.709 professional color calibration, accurate color reproduction. 4K HDMI Input/ Output Without Delay. Come with a 360° tilt arm better monitoring angel, instead traditional hot shoe mount. 8.4V DC out, real time power charge for camera. Built in two battery plate: Sony F970, Canon LP-E6.

  • Let Your Video Shooting Become Easier

FEELWORLD has been committed to providing the comprehensive broadcast monitoring and solutions for the professional filmmakers. Whether the upgrade of the excellent display technology from HD to FHD or to UHD 4K resolution, FEELWORLD aims to support the professional creators to obtain the greater benefits and to create more exciting stories, with the most advanced technology to improve the production efficiency.

  • FEELWORLD Monitor is A Must-have Accessory for Your Shooting Setup.

When you’ve put together rigs made up of powerful equipment, you want to be able to see shots that so much work has now gone into getting to that point. No matter the setup, whether it’s a shoulder rig, gimbal, tripod, or handheld, you need a FEELWORLD monitor for all your setups which allow you to see, in perfect definition, make sure your shot in focus and accurate exposure, what you are shooting so that you know that the shot you are working hard to get is truly stellar.

  • Flexible for Your Creative

As a filmmaker you need to pay special attention to the visual aspect in order to capture every moment of emotion. For that reason you can always trust FEELWORLD monitors technology, which allows you to bring your full capacity and creativity taking care of every detail in the most efficient way possible. FEELWORLD monitor helps you to capture those precious moments that you cannot afford to miss.

  • Easy Multi-angle Monitoring

It’s not easy to evaluate your shot solely through your camera’s built-in monitor, especially if the entire unit is constantly rotating on a gimbal/ stabilizer, the camera on crane rig jib, One of the biggest issues when you are doing low-angle/ high angle shot is monitoring what you’re shooting. FEELWORLD monitor is ideal tool for you to monitor the scene since you can install it where you can conveniently see it.

  • Compatible Battery

Sony F970, F960, F950,F930, F770, F750, F730, F570, F550, F530, QM91D, QM91, QM90D, QM90, QM71D, QM71, QM70D, QM70, QM51D, QM51, FM71, FM70 series. Canon LP-E6 (Note battery not include, need purchase sperate)

  • FAQ

1. Can’t turn on the monitor

Make sure to use the standard 12V 1.5A power adapter to connect the monitor. If power is supplied by battery, please check if the battery is fully charged.

2.Have noise during recording

Long press “<“ button and turn down volume to near zero, can aviod have not nosie during recording. Long press “>” is increase the volume.

3.The monitor display ” no signal”

1)Try another HDMI cable.

2)And please try to connect monitor HDMI to your computer, try if the monitor have signal?

3)Change the camera output singal, confirm the monitor input signal whether support the camera output signal.

4.When you turn on the focus peak, the information on the monitor will also display the focus peak and other problems. You can try to turn off the “HDMI Information Display” under the “HDMI Settings” tab in the menu system, so that when the focus is turned on, it will not A similar situation occurred.

Accurately expose and focus every shot.


  1. Waveform / Vector scope / Histogram;
  2. Peaking Focus Assist (red, green,blue, white, yellow five peaking colors optional; 1~10 peaking level adjustable);
  3. False Colors; Zebra Exposure (1%~100% adjustable); Scan Mode (Under Scan, Over Scan);
  4. Zoom (100%~300%); 7.Anamorphic Mode (1.25x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.0x mag); Pixel to Pixel;
  5. Center Marker, Safety Marker (70%, 80%, 90%, 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 5:4, 1.85:1, 2.35:1); 10.Ratio Marker (16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 1.85:1, 2.35:1); 11.Marker Color (red, green, blue, white, black, yellow)
  6. Check Field (red, green, blue, gray);
  7. Image Flip (H, V, H/V), Image Freeze;
  8. Color Temperature Adjustment

LUT import instructions

1. SD card format: Support for FAT32 and NTFS.

2. The number of imported files is limited: Up to 50 user files can be imported.

3. Document requirements: LUT file format suffix is .cube (case insensitive). A single file must not exceed 7.9M. Supports files with LUT_3D_SIZE of 16, 17, 32, 33, 64, 65. Meet the above requirements as a valid document. The LUT file name is required to be in English or numeric to avoid unrecognized, resulting in incorrect file names.

4. Import steps and instructions

Make sure the SD card is inserted correctly. Enter the [Color] item in the menu main menu and select the [Import LUT (SD)] item, and then execute the item.

The system will first recognize the SD card.

(1) No SD card recognized: Will prompt “access failed”, you can try again at this time, if not, you can restart the device to try once.

(2) Identify the SD card.

· The system will erase the user files that already exist in the device and prompt “initialize”. If there is no valid file in the SD card, it will not be imported, it will prompt “Empty” and end this operation. If there is a valid file in the SD card, the file will be saved to the device and the message “[n]name” will be prompted, where n indicates that the nth is currently stored (n is not greater than 50), and the name is currently imported. LUT file name.

When the import is completed, it will prompt “Success [n]”, and the operation will end. n indicates the number of imports.

gimbal monitor

handheld camera monitor

vlog youtube monitor

Gimbal Monitor

Light weight, compact, hi-performance, crisp picture for gimbal setup, when you are doing low-angle/ high angle shot is easy multi-angle monitoring what you’re shooting.

Handheld Setup

Must have for filmmakers. It is so much easier to mount on a rig while having your hdmi cable connect to camera. You will love the features ; especially the false color, focus peaking, and lut import. Easy check focus, You will no longer do video without my monitor.

Youtube Vlog Monitor

FEELWORLD F6 PLUS is very intuitive being able to see yourself when filming YouTube videos. When you film yourself in front of the computer you have no way to see the liveview on your camera. If you used to work with a big TV monitor but it’s not as easy to use as a small monitor mounted on top of the camera. You can also mount yourmic receiver on the bracket that comes with it!

touch screen camera monitor

focus monitor

5.5 field monitor

Touchscreen Operating Instruction


  • This monitor is a full touch screen monitor with 3D LUT.
  • When the monitor and touch are both on, continuously click the screen twice to enter the main menu.
  • Slip the fingure from the bottom of the screen to enter the shortcut menu.
  • Click any space beside menu to exit the menu.


Peaking Focus Assist

The Peaking Filter is used to aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture. When activated, the internal processor will display a colored highlight on the screen where sharp edges appear. You can switch the putline color between red, green, blue, yellow, white according to different tone of the subject.

Professional Color Calibration, Accurate Color Reproduction

FEELWORLD uses the professional Rec.709 HD color standard, and uses the color calibration technology, with the professional instrument calibration at the factory, it can achieve monitor calibration efficiently and get accurate color reproduction easily, do not distort the color, show the real image when you shooting video


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