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Godox AK-R21 Projection Attachment for Flash Heads


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Product details

  • Explore the Boundless Imagination – Godox AK-R21 Projection Attachment is the perfect combination of simplicity and possibilities, and can create beautiful, vivid light effects. suitable for most of the magnetic round head flash and Fresnel Head flash on the market, with all kinds of slide film, can turn the ordinary wall into creative patterns, beautiful scenery, fantasy space, special textures, artistic canvas and other light effects.
  • Fit for Round and Fresnel Head – It is designed with two types of mounting rings to connect either a round head or a normal Fresnel head. It’s compatible with AD200Pro (round head and Fresnel’s head), AD100Pro, V1 series, V860III series, V860II series flash etc and nearly all the camera flashes across brands. Note: AK-R28 (included) adapter for the round flash head; AK-R25 (Sold Separately) Adapter for Fresnel head of camera flashes.
  • Applicable Godox Camera Flash – Godox V860II/V860III series, Godox TT685/TT685II series, Godox V850II/V850III, Godox V1 series, Godox AD100Pro, Godox AD200Pro/AD200; ⚡Note: When use on fresnel head flash(AD200Pro/V860III,V860II, TT685, TT685II,V850III), you need to purchase square head adapter Godox AK-R25 separately.
  • Preview and Adjust Projecting Effect – It’s a thoughtfully designed magical creators. Before firing, you can preview the result with the modeling light or the stroboscopic flash function of your Godox flashes. The projector is 360°rotatable even attached to the flash. So you can adjust the projection to the right angle much more conveniently and efficiently. The mounting ring is also considerately marked with degree numbers, letting you adjust the projection easily and precisely.
  • Universal 1/4″ Mounts Designed with a universal 1/4″ mounts on the mounting ring, you can either attach the projector directly to the light stand or by the flash. For camera flashes, attaching directly by the projector will fix the light angle steadily and avoid tilting down caused by weight. More convenient for portrait photography or product photography.
  • More Funny and Creative – It comes with a ready-to-use kit, which includes the projector, a dedicated 65mm lens and a transparencies set. The lenses are build with precision to eliminate color aberration from center to edge. Whatever you are projecting, it throws the explicit shape of light and vivid images as if coming alive. Except for the included 65mm lens, there are two optional lenses at 50mm and 83mm focal length for you to chose.


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