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Zhiyun MOLUS G200 Bi-Color LED Monolight


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Product details

  • Different Light Way – The innovative design of ZHIYUN G200 light separates the light body and the controller, allowing for seamless integration with any lighting rig.
  • Cooling Redefined – New cooling system for the 200W COB video light and controller – Features heat sink, FOC fan, and DynaVort Cooling System.
  • One Press for the Extreme 300W – ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 video light boasts a peak output of up to 200W under normal usage, with a one-press MAX Extreme mode that delivers a staggering peak output of up to 300W.
  • Seamless Dimming – Supports seamless CCT and DMI adjustment, with five built-in presets for easy one-press color temperature and brightness adjustments. Achieving the perfect lighting has never been this effortless and accessible.
  • 180° Flexibility – Integrated with the light support with a 180° adjustable arm and full-range rotation capabilities, making it easy to adapt to any setting. The universal umbrella slot also makes the professional lighting effortless and convenient.



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